The City of Wine project in Burgundy

Portrait of Nick Borland, wine tour guide
Nick Borland
August 2, 2021

The project :Planned for Spring 2021, this ambitious project plans to create and bring together 3 oeno-touristic centers in Chablis, Beaune and Mâcon.These 3 sites will form a network dubbed « the City of Wines »and each of them will focus on all aspects of  Burgundy wines. The Mâcon center will be housed in the renovated and extended Maison des Vins and the Chablis center in the historic 12th century cellars of the Petit Pontigny. Although all 3 will form a network, itis only natural that the main site will be localised in Beaune, since the wine capital of Burgundy boasts some 1 -1.6 million visitors annually and over 60 million motorists pass its doorstep every year !The City of Wines project will be situated in a new development close to the A6 motorway exit and the Congress Hall. The new site will include a 5 star hotel, restaurants, an upmarket shopping galery, a concert/meeting hall, as well as the 1500m2 that will make up theCity of Wines.

The facilities: The 3sites will consist of different permanent workshops and temporary activities, various wine tasting spaces, temporary exhibitions, as well as a meeting area for wine professionals.

Visitors will also have free access to :

  • workshops and training courses organised by the School of Burgundy Wines
  • a space dedicated to pairing wine and food
  • a boutique dedicated to the sale of wine-related objects, books, maps etc
  • a digital plateform for further information on Burgundy and its wines

The  content :The main viticultural themes will be organised around differentsections -

The land and history

  • the vineyards, the work of man and of nature
  • the patchwork quilt of landscapes and terroirs

Wine, vines and wine growers

  • Burgundy, the cradle of 2 important varietals
  • wine growing techniques and know-how
  • the richness and subtility of Burgundy wines

Dining and conviviality

  • wine, celebrations and traditions
  • the different representations of Burgundy and its wines

So if everything goes according to plan, construction should begin in early 2019 with a view to opening to the public in 2021.

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Portrait of Nick Borland, wine tour guide

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My professional experience in wine and tourism has been long and varied and has included, amongst others, working as a wine buyer and sommelier for boutique hotels, putting together wine lists for restaurants, a specialised wine tour guide for luxury hotel barges, a « wine hunter » for Scandinavian importers as well as organising and conducting wine-tastings to Wine Societies in the UK, Germany and Holland. I have also completed my WSET Level 3 and and obtained a certificate in Advanced Tasting Techniques from the Wine University in Suze-la-Rousse". I love sharing my knowledge of wine and spirits with people interested in the topics. I have a passion for how wine is made, from the methods used to the history of the grapes. If you would like to learn more about wine, join me in my Facebook group by signing up below to using the form. I talk about wines, answer all the questions you may have about it growing techniques, history, and even organise webinars for the group members where I talk about wine in a bit more detail. Hope to welcome you there soon!
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