1-Day Chablis Wine Tour

This 1-day Chablis wine tour will introduce you to one of the world’s most famous wines, as well the nearby but lesser-known wine-growing districts of the Auxerrois where you will discover some superb red and lesser-known white wines. During your tour you will taste many different wines and discover the age-old savoir-faire and traditions of the local wine growers. You will also learn about the unique terroir of the Chablis vineyards and which gives the Chablis wines their unique minerality.

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Overview of our Chablis Wine Tour

This 1-day Chablis wine tour & tasting will introduce you to one of the world’s most famous white wines, as well the nearby but lesser-known wine-growing districts of the Auxerrois. Formerly France's largest wine-growing district, traditions are still very strong here in the Yonne department of northern Burgundy and it's in the coolness of ancient wine cellars that you will taste and learn about the excellent wines produced here. And red wine lovers do not despair, since the sleepy villages of Irancy, Coulanges la Vineuse, Epineuil and the nearby slopes of Auxerre are gaining a great reputation for the quality of their superb value-for-money pinot noirs!

Our 1-day Chablis wine tour & tasting is the perfect introduction to northern Burgundy and its wines. The history of wine-growing here goes back to the Gallo-Romain period, the vestiges of which is found in the name of a rare local grape variety, the Cesar, as well as in the wine-harvest scenes and vines sculpted in the bas-reliefs discovered during archaeological digs.

During your trip with us you will learn, amongst many other things, all about the history of winemaking in the Chablis, and especially the essential role played by the Cistercian monks from the nearby Abbey of Pontigny in developing the vineyards and improving viticultural techniques. Further more you will be introduced to the different “terroirs” that produce the diversity of styles of wines so that you gain a better understanding of the influence of of soil composition in the development of aromas and style of wine. It will also be your opportunity to gain insights into vineyard techniques such as canopy management and pruning as well as the fascinating subject of organic, biodynamic and natural wine-making techniques which are gaining favour with producers and consumers alike.

During the course of the day with us, your trip will also be a cultural experience as you will learn about the rich history of one France's most fascinating regions. And time permitting, a stop in the stunning village of Noyers-sur-Serein will transport you back to the glory of medieval Burgundy and the great Dukes!

You will discover a truly authentic, unspoiled wine-growing region; beautiful landscapes and timeless villages, fashioned by the hands of generations of wine-growers passionate about their work and concerned with maintaining and passing on their age-old knowledge.

And of course, we will assist in organising the shipping of your favourite wines from the vineyard to your doorstep.

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3/4 tastings per day
3/4 tastings per day
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Local vineyards
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Pick up & Drop Off / Private Driver
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Wine making techniques & history

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My professional experience in wine and tourism has been long and varied and has included, amongst others, working as a wine buyer and sommelier for boutique hotels, putting together wine lists for restaurants, a specialised wine tour guide for luxury hotel barges, a « wine hunter » for Scandinavian importers as well as organising and conducting wine-tastings to Wine Societies in the UK, Germany and Holland. I have also completed my WSET Level 3 and and obtained a certificate in Advanced Tasting Techniques from the Wine University in Suze-la-Rousse". I love sharing my knowledge of wine and spirits with people interested in the topics. I have a passion for how wine is made, from the methods used to the history of the grapes. If you would like to learn more about wine, join me in my Facebook group by signing up below to using the form. I talk about wines, answer all the questions you may have about it growing techniques, history, and even organise webinars for the group members where I talk about wine in a bit more detail. Hope to welcome you there soon!
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